Title 41 Chapter 1a Section 229 (Superseded 01/01/15)

Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Act
Section 229 (Superseded 01/01/15)
Display of gross laden weight.


41-1a-229 (Superseded 01/01/15).   Display of gross laden weight.

            (1) Each vehicle registered by gross laden weight and exceeding 12,000 pounds of gross laden weight shall have the gross laden weight for which it is registered painted, stenciled, or shown by decal upon both the left and right sides of the vehicle, in a conspicuous place, in letters of a reasonable size as determined by the commission.

            (2) If vehicles are registered in combination, the gross laden weight for which the combination of vehicles is registered shall be displayed upon the power unit.

            (3) An owner or operator of a vehicle or combination of vehicles may not display a gross laden weight other than that shown on the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

Enacted by Chapter 1, 1992 General Session

Amended by Chapter 54, 1992 General Session