Title 53 Chapter 8 Section 209

Public Safety Code
Utah Highway Patrol Act
Section 209
Inspection by officers -- Certificate of inspection.


53-8-209.   Inspection by officers -- Certificate of inspection.

            (1) A peace officer may stop, inspect, and test a vehicle at any time upon reasonable cause to believe that:

            (a) a vehicle is unsafe or not equipped as required by law; or

            (b) that its equipment is not in proper adjustment or repair.

            (2) (a) (i) If a vehicle is found to be in unsafe condition or any required part or equipment is not present or is not in proper repair and adjustment, the officer shall give a written notice to the driver and shall send a copy to the division.

            (ii) The notice shall:

            (A) require that the vehicle be placed in safe condition and its equipment in proper repair and adjustment;

            (B) specify the repairs and adjustments needed; and

            (C) require that a safety inspection certificate be obtained within five days.

            (b) If a vehicle is, in the reasonable judgment of the peace officer, hazardous to operate, the peace officer may require that the vehicle:

            (i) not be operated under its own power; or

            (ii) be driven to the nearest garage or other place of safety.

            (c) If the owner or driver does not comply with the notice requirements and secure a safety inspection certificate within five days, the vehicle may not be operated on the highways of this state.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 26, 1993 General Session

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 234, 1993 General Session