Title 53 Chapter 11 Section 116.5

Public Safety Code
Bail Bond Recovery Act
Section 116.5
Identification cards.


53-11-116.5.   Identification cards.

            (1) A person licensed under this chapter as a bail enforcement agent or a bail recovery agent shall carry an identification card issued under this section.

            (2) (a) Bail bond agencies may submit designs for an identification card that shall be used for identification purposes by bail enforcement agents and bail recovery agents licensed under this chapter.

            (b) The commissioner shall establish a procedure for the submitting of identification card designs and shall select one design to be used for all identification cards issued under this section.

            (c) The identification card design:

            (i) may not resemble any identification card currently in use by a law enforcement agency within the state; and

            (ii) shall include:

            (A) the licensee's classification of licensure;

            (B) the license number; and

            (C) a current photo of the licensee.

            (d) The department of public safety shall issue identification cards, upon notification by the board that a license has been issued.

Enacted by Chapter 266, 1999 General Session