Title 53A Chapter 6 Section 901

State System of Public Education
Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act
Section 901
Grants for math teacher training programs.


53A-6-901.   Grants for math teacher training programs.

            (1) If the state obtains matching funds of equal sums from private contributors, the board may award grants to institutions of higher education or nonprofit educational organizations for programs that provide mentoring and training leading to a secondary education license with an endorsement in mathematics for an individual who:

            (a) is not a teacher in a public or private school;

            (b) does not have a teaching license;

            (c) has a bachelor's degree or higher; and

            (d) demonstrates a high level of mathematics competency by:

            (i) successfully completing substantial course work in mathematics; and

            (ii) passing a mathematics content exam.

            (2) (a) The board shall make rules in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, that establish criteria for awarding grants under this section.

            (b) In awarding grants, the board shall consider the amount or percent of matching funds provided by the grant recipient.

Enacted by Chapter 287, 2012 General Session