Title 53A Chapter 8a Section 406

State System of Public Education
Public Education Human Resource Management Act
Section 406
Summative evaluation timelines -- Review of summative evaluations.


53A-8a-406.   Summative evaluation timelines -- Review of summative evaluations.

            (1) The person responsible for administering an educator's summative evaluation shall:

            (a) at least 15 days before an educator's first evaluation:

            (i) notify the educator of the evaluation process; and

            (ii) give the educator a copy of the evaluation instrument, if an instrument is used;

            (b) (i) allow the educator to make a written response to any part of the evaluation; and

            (ii) attach the educator's response to the evaluation;

            (c) within 15 days after the evaluation process is completed, discuss the written evaluation with the educator; and

            (d) following any revision of the written evaluation made after the discussion:

            (i) file the evaluation and any related reports or documents in the educator's personnel file; and

            (ii) give a copy of the written evaluation and attachments to the educator.

            (2) An educator who is not satisfied with a summative evaluation may request a review of the evaluation within 15 days after receiving the written evaluation.

            (3) (a) If a review is requested, the school district superintendent or the superintendent's designee shall appoint a person not employed by the school district who has expertise in teacher or personnel evaluation to review the evaluation procedures and make recommendations to the superintendent regarding the educator's summative evaluation.

            (b) The State Board of Education shall make rules prescribing standards for an independent review of an educator's summative evaluation.

            (c) A review of an educator's summative evaluation under Subsection (3)(a) shall be conducted in accordance with State Board of Education rules made under Subsection (3)(b).

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 425, 2012 General Session