Title 53A Chapter 8a Section 410

State System of Public Education
Public Education Human Resource Management Act
Section 410
Report of educator ratings.


53A-8a-410.   Report of educator ratings.

            (1) A school district shall report to the State Board of Education the number and percent of educators in each of the four rating categories referred to in Section 53A-8a-405 based on an educator's annual evaluation.

            (2) The data reported under Subsection (1) shall be separately reported for the following educator classifications:

            (a) administrators;

            (b) teachers; and

            (c) educators other than administrators or teachers.

            (3) The data reported by school districts under this section shall be included in the state superintendent's annual report of the public school system required by Section 53A-1-301.

            (4) The State Board of Education shall make rules to ensure the privacy and protection of individual evaluation data.

Enacted by Chapter 425, 2012 General Session