Title 53A Chapter 13 Section 101.1

State System of Public Education
Curriculum in the Public Schools
Section 101.1
Maintaining constitutional freedom in the public schools.


53A-13-101.1.   Maintaining constitutional freedom in the public schools.

            (1) Any instructional activity, performance, or display which includes examination of or presentations about religion, political or religious thought or expression, or the influence thereof on music, art, literature, law, politics, history, or any other element of the curriculum, including the comparative study of religions, which is designed to achieve secular educational objectives included within the context of a course or activity and conducted in accordance with applicable rules of the state and local boards of education, may be undertaken in the public schools.

            (2) No aspect of cultural heritage, political theory, moral theory, or societal value shall be included within or excluded from public school curricula for the primary reason that it affirms, ignores, or denies religious belief, religious doctrine, a religious sect, or the existence of a spiritual realm or supreme being.

            (3) Public schools may not sponsor prayer or religious devotionals.

            (4) School officials and employees may not use their positions to endorse, promote, or disparage a particular religious, denominational, sectarian, agnostic, or atheistic belief or viewpoint.

Enacted by Chapter 95, 1993 General Session