Title 58 Chapter 24b Section 201

Occupations and Professions
Physical Therapy Practice Act
Section 201
Physical Therapy Licensing Board -- Creation -- Membership -- Duties.


58-24b-201.   Physical Therapy Licensing Board -- Creation -- Membership -- Duties.

            (1) There is created the Physical Therapy Licensing Board, consisting of three licensed physical therapists, one physical therapist assistant, and one member of the general public.

            (2) Members of the board shall be appointed and serve in accordance with Section 58-1-201.

            (3) The duties and responsibilities of the board are described in Subsection (4) and Sections 58-1-201 through 58-1-203.

            (4) The board shall designate a member of the board, on a permanent or rotating basis, to:

            (a) assist the division in reviewing complaints of unlawful or unprofessional conduct of a licensee; and

            (b) advise the division during the division's investigation of the complaints described in Subsection (4)(a).

            (5) A board member who has reviewed a complaint or been involved in an investigation under Subsection (4) is disqualified from participating in an adjudicative proceeding relating to the complaint or investigation.

Enacted by Chapter 220, 2009 General Session