Title 58 Chapter 67 Section 502

Occupations and Professions
Utah Medical Practice Act
Section 502
Unprofessional conduct.


58-67-502.   Unprofessional conduct.

            "Unprofessional conduct" includes, in addition to the definition in Section 58-1-501:

            (1) using or employing the services of any individual to assist a licensee in any manner not in accordance with the generally recognized practices, standards, or ethics of the profession, state law, or division rule;

            (2) making a material misrepresentation regarding the qualifications for licensure under Section 58-67-302.7; or

            (3) violating the dispensing requirements of Section 58-17b-309 or Chapter 17b, Part 8, Dispensing Medical Practitioner and Dispensing Medical Practitioner Clinic Pharmacy, if applicable.

Amended by Chapter 72, 2014 General Session