Title 58 Chapter 74 Section 303

Occupations and Professions
Certified Court Reporters Licensing Act
Section 303
Term of license -- Expiration -- Renewal.


58-74-303.   Term of license -- Expiration -- Renewal.

            (1) The division shall issue each license under this chapter in accordance with a two-year renewal cycle established by rule. The division may by rule extend or shorten a renewal cycle by as much as one year to stagger the renewal cycles it administers.

            (2) Each licensee shall, at the time of applying for renewal, demonstrate compliance with continuing education requirements established by the division in collaboration with the board.

            (3) Each license automatically expires on the expiration date shown on the license unless the licensee renews it in accordance with Section 58-1-308.

Enacted by Chapter 372, 1997 General Session