Title 58 Chapter 76 Section 103

Occupations and Professions
Professional Geologist Licensing Act
Section 103
Professional Geologist Education and Enforcement Account.


58-76-103.   Professional Geologist Education and Enforcement Account.

            (1) There is created a restricted account within the General Fund known as the "Professional Geologist Education and Enforcement Account."

            (2) The restricted account shall consist of money from:

            (a) a surcharge fee established by the department in accordance with Section 63J-1-504, placed on initial, renewal, and reinstatement licensure fees under this chapter not to exceed 50% of the respective initial, renewal, or reinstatement licensure fee;

            (b) administrative penalties collected pursuant to this chapter; and

            (c) interest earned on money in the account.

            (3) Money in the account may be appropriated by the Legislature for the following purposes:

            (a) education and training of licensees under this chapter;

            (b) education and training of the public or other interested persons in matters concerning geology laws and practices;

            (c) enforcement of this chapter by:

            (i) investigating unprofessional or unlawful conduct;

            (ii) providing legal representation to the division when legal action is taken against a person engaging in unprofessional or unlawful conduct; and

            (iii) monitoring compliance of renewal requirements; and

            (d) education and training of board members.

Amended by Chapter 303, 2011 General Session