Title 63G Chapter 12 Section 201

General Government
Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Act
Section 201
Department to create program.


63G-12-201.   Department to create program.

            (1) The department shall administer a program known as the "Guest Worker Program" created by this part. Under this program, the department shall:

            (a) seek one or more waivers, exemptions, or authorizations to implement the program as provided in Section 63G-12-202;

            (b) issue a permit as provided in Section 63G-12-207;

            (c) establish fees in accordance with Section 63J-1-504 for a filing or service required by this part;

            (d) take action under Section 63G-12-211; and

            (e) report annually to the governor and the Legislature.

            (2) The department may make rules in accordance with Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, to the extent expressly provided for in this part.

            (3) In implementing this part, the department shall cooperate with other state agencies to minimize any duplication in databases or services required under this part.

Enacted by Chapter 18, 2011 General Session