Title 67 Chapter 19 Section 14.1

State Officers and Employees
Utah State Personnel Management Act
Section 14.1
Converted sick leave.


67-19-14.1.   Converted sick leave.

            (1) Until January 1, 2014, an employee who has 144 hours of accumulated unused sick leave immediately prior to the beginning of a calendar year, may elect to convert any unused sick leave hours accumulated during that calendar year, in excess of 64 hours, to converted sick leave.

            (2) The conversion is made at the beginning of the next calendar year for unused sick leave hours earned during a calendar year under Subsection (1).

            (3) Converted sick leave hours that are not used prior to an employee's retirement date shall be used under the:

            (a) Unused Sick Leave Retirement Option Program I under Section 67-19-14.2 if earned prior to January 1, 2006, unless the transfer is made under Subsection 67-19-14.4(1)(c); or

            (b) Unused Sick Leave Retirement Option Program II under Section 67-19-14.4 if earned on or after January 1, 2006.

Amended by Chapter 277, 2013 General Session