Title 67 Chapter 19 Section 32

State Officers and Employees
Utah State Personnel Management Act
Section 32
Discriminatory/prohibited employment practices grievances -- Procedures.


67-19-32.   Discriminatory/prohibited employment practices grievances -- Procedures.

            (1) An applicant for a position in state government, a probationary employee, career service employee, or an exempt employee who alleges a discriminatory or prohibited employment practice as defined in Section 34A-5-106 may submit a written grievance to the department head where the alleged unlawful act occurred.

            (2) Within 10 working days after a written grievance is submitted under Subsection (1), the department head shall issue a written response to the grievance stating his decision and the reasons for the decision.

            (3) If the department head does not issue a decision within 10 days, or if the grievant is dissatisfied with the decision, the grievant may submit a complaint to the Division of Antidiscrimination and Labor, pursuant to Section 34A-5-107.

Amended by Chapter 375, 1997 General Session