Title 67 Chapter 19 Section 37

State Officers and Employees
Utah State Personnel Management Act
Section 37
Discipline of employees.


67-19-37.   Discipline of employees.

            An employee shall be subject to the rules of discipline of the executive director made in accordance with Section 67-19-34, if the employee:

            (1) refuses to submit to testing procedures provided in Section 67-19-36;

            (2) refuses to complete a drug rehabilitation program in accordance with Subsection 67-19-38(3);

            (3) is convicted under a federal or state criminal statute regulating the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance; or

            (4) manufactures, dispenses, possesses, uses, or distributes a controlled substance in violation of state or federal law during work hours or on state property.

Amended by Chapter 139, 2006 General Session