Title 67 Chapter 19 Section 38

State Officers and Employees
Utah State Personnel Management Act
Section 38
Violations and penalties.


67-19-38.   Violations and penalties.

            In addition to other criminal penalties provided by law, an employee who:

            (1) fails to notify the employee's director under Section 67-19-35 is subject to disciplinary proceedings as established by the executive director by rule in accordance with Section 67-19-34;

            (2) refuses to submit to testing procedures provided for in Section 67-19-36, may be suspended immediately without pay pending further disciplinary action as set forth in the rules of the executive director in accordance with Section 67-19-34; or

            (3) tests positive for the presence of unlawfully used controlled substances or alcohol may be required, as part of the employee's disciplinary treatment, to complete a drug rehabilitation program at the employee's expense within 60 days after receiving the positive test results or be subject to further disciplinary procedures established by rule of the executive director in accordance with Section 67-19-34.

Amended by Chapter 139, 2006 General Session