Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 109

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 109
State highways -- SR-31, SR-32, SR-34 to SR-40.


72-4-109.   State highways -- SR-31, SR-32, SR-34 to SR-40.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-31. From Route 89 in Fairview southeasterly to Route 10 in Huntington.

            (2) SR-32. From Route 40 north of Heber City, northeasterly to a junction with Route 35 at Francis; then north through Kamas to the Route 80 westbound off-ramp northeast of Wanship.

            (3) SR-34. From Route 18 east on 100 North Street in St. George to the east side curb of River Road.

            (4) SR-35. From Route 32 at Francis southeasterly through Tabiona to Route 87 north of Duchesne.

            (5) SR-36. From Route 6 west of Eureka northerly through Tooele and Mills Junction to Route 80 at Tooele Interchange.

            (6) SR-37. From Route 126 in Sunset west through Clinton to south of Hooper; then northerly through Hooper to west of West Haven; then east through West Haven to Route 108 near Roy.

            (7) SR-38. From Route 13 in Brigham City northerly through Honeyville and Deweyville to Route 30 in Collinston.

            (8) SR-39. From Route 134 easterly on Twelfth Street in Ogden and Ogden Canyon to Route 16 in Woodruff.

            (9) SR-40. From Route 80 at Silver Creek Junction southerly through Heber City then easterly through Duchesne, Vernal, and Jensen to the Utah-Colorado state line.

Amended by Chapter 79, 2006 General Session