Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 112

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 112
State highways -- SR-61 to SR-68 and SR-70.


72-4-112.   State highways -- SR-61 to SR-68 and SR-70.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-61. From Route 23 in Cornish easterly to Route 91 at Webster Junction.

            (2) SR-62. From Route 89 south of Junction easterly through Kingston to near Otter Creek Reservoir; then northerly to Route 24 at Plateau Junction.

            (3) SR-63. From Bryce National Park north boundary northerly to Tropic Junction on Route 12.

            (4) SR-64. From Route 15 south of Holden northerly to Route 50.

            (5) SR-65. From Route 80 near Mt. Dell Reservoir northeasterly on the Brigham Young Memorial Highway to Henefer; then northeasterly to Route 84.

            (6) SR-66. From Route 65 near East Canyon Reservoir northerly through Porterville to Route 84 in Morgan.

            (7) SR-67. From the junction of I-215 in Davis County northerly on Legacy Parkway to the junction with US-89 and I-15.

            (8) SR-68. From Route 6 at Elberta northerly on Redwood Road and Fifth South Street in Bountiful; then southerly on 2nd West in Bountiful to Route 89 in Bountiful.

            (9) SR-70. From Route 15 near Cove Fort to the Utah-Colorado state line west of Grand Junction, Colorado, on interstate Route 70.

Amended by Chapter 118, 2009 General Session