Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 116

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 116
State highways -- SR-101 to SR-110.


72-4-116.   State highways -- SR-101 to SR-110.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-101. From Wellsville on Route 23 easterly through Hyrum to the Hardware Ranch with a stub connection to the visitors' center and parking area.

            (2) SR-102. From Route 83 east of Lampo Junction northeasterly through Penrose to Thatcher; then easterly through Tremonton and Deweyville to Route 38.

            (3) SR-103. From Route 126 in Clearfield easterly on 650 North Street in Clearfield to Hill Air Force Base main gate.

            (4) SR-104. From Route 126 easterly on Wilson Lane, Twentieth Street, and Twenty-first Street in Ogden to Route 204.

            (5) SR-105. From Route 67 east on Parrish Lane in Centerville to Route 106.

            (6) SR-106. From .21 miles west of Route 15 east on 400 North Street in Bountiful; then northerly to Sheppard Lane in Farmington; then west on Sheppard Lane to Route 89.

            (7) SR-107. From Route 110 west of West Point easterly through West Point to Route 126 in Clearfield.

            (8) SR-108. From the I-15 north bound on- and off-ramps at the Hill Field South Gate Interchange in Layton west to Syracuse; then north into Weber County; then northeasterly to Route 126.

            (9) SR-109. From Route 126 easterly through Layton to Route 89.

            (10) SR-110. From Route 127 west of Syracuse north to Route 37 west of Clinton.

Amended by Chapter 118, 2009 General Session