Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 119

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 119
State highways -- SR-132 to SR-134, SR-136 to SR-140.


72-4-119.   State highways -- SR-132 to SR-134, SR-136 to SR-140.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-132. From Route 6 in Lynndyl northeasterly through Leamington to Nephi; then southeasterly through Fountain Green and Moroni to Route 89 at Pigeon Hollow Junction.

            (2) SR-133. From Kanosh south city limits north through Meadow to Route 15 north of Meadow.

            (3) SR-134. From Route 37 at Kanesville northerly to Plain City; then easterly to Route 235 in North Ogden.

            (4) SR-136. From a junction with Route 50 and 125 east of Delta north to Route 6.

            (5) SR-137. From Route 89 in Gunnison easterly to Mayfield; then northerly to Route 89.

            (6) SR-138. From Route 80 at Stansbury Interchange southeasterly through Grantsville to Route 36 at Mills Junction.

            (7) SR-139. From Route 6 northerly to Route 157 near Spring Glen.

            (8) SR-140. From Route 68 at Bluffdale easterly coincident with the Bluffdale Road to the on and off access ramps on the east side of Route 15.

Amended by Chapter 21, 2005 General Session