Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 128

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 128
State highways -- SR-222, SR-224 to SR-228.


72-4-128.   State highways -- SR-222, SR-224 to SR-228.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-222. From Route 113 in Midway northerly to Pine Creek Campground.

            (2) SR-224. From the Wasatch-Summit County line through Ontario Canyon and Park City to Route 80 at Kimball Junction.

            (3) SR-225. From the west side of the structure over the Union Pacific Railroad easterly via Park Lane to Route 106 in Farmington.

            (4) SR-226. From Snow Basin Ski Lodge lower parking lot in Weber County southeasterly to Route 167 the Trappers Loop Road.

            (5) SR-227. From Route 15 near Glover Lane north on Walker Lane to State Street; then east to Route 106 in Farmington.

            (6) SR-228. From the northbound off-ramp of Route 15 at the South Leeds Interchange; then northerly on Main Street in Leeds to the northbound on-ramp of Route 15; then westerly to the southbound off-ramp of Route 15; and from the southbound on-ramp of Route 15 easterly to Main Street in Leeds.

Amended by Chapter 336, 2012 General Session