Title 72 Chapter 5 Section 102

Transportation Code
Rights-of-way Act
Section 102


72-5-102.   Definitions.

            As used in this part, "state transportation purposes" includes:

            (1) highway and public transportation rights-of-way, including those necessary within cities and towns;

            (2) the construction, reconstruction, relocation, improvement, maintenance, and mitigation from the effects of these activities on state highways and other transportation facilities under the control of the department;

            (3) limited access facilities, including rights of access, air, light, and view and frontage and service roads to highways;

            (4) adequate drainage in connection with any highway, cut, fill, or channel change and the maintenance of any highway, cut, fill, or channel change;

            (5) weighing stations, shops, offices, storage buildings and yards, and road maintenance or construction sites;

            (6) road material sites, sites for the manufacture of road materials, and access roads to the sites;

            (7) the maintenance of an unobstructed view of any portion of a highway to promote the safety of the traveling public;

            (8) the placement of traffic signals, directional signs, and other signs, fences, curbs, barriers, and obstructions for the convenience of the traveling public;

            (9) the construction and maintenance of storm sewers, sidewalks, and highway illumination;

            (10) the construction and maintenance of livestock highways;

            (11) the construction and maintenance of roadside rest areas adjacent to or near any highway; and

            (12) the mitigation of impacts from public transportation projects.

Amended by Chapter 79, 2001 General Session