Title 76 Chapter 10 Section 907

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals
Section 907
Records of sales and purchases -- Identification required.


76-10-907.   Records of sales and purchases -- Identification required.

            (1) Every dealer shall:

            (a) require the information under Subsection (2) for each transaction of regulated metal, except under Subsection 76-10-907.3(4); and

            (b) maintain for each purchase of regulated metal the information required by this part in a written or electronic log, in the English language.

            (2) The dealer shall require the following information of the seller and shall record the information as required under Subsection (1) for each purchase of regulated metal:

            (a) a complete description of the regulated metal, including weight and metallic description, in accordance with scrap metal recycling industry standards;

            (b) the full name and residence of each person selling the regulated metal;

            (c) the vehicle type and license plate number, if applicable, of the vehicle transporting the regulated metal to the dealer;

            (d) the price per pound and the amount paid for each type of regulated metal purchased by the dealer;

            (e) the date, time, and place of the purchase;

            (f) the type and number of the identification provided in Subsection (2)(g);

            (g) at least one form of identification;

            (h) the seller's signature on a certificate stating that he has the legal right to sell the scrap metal or junk; and

            (i) a digital photograph or still video of the seller, taken at the time of the sale, or a clearly legible photocopy of the seller's identification.

            (3) No entry in the log may be erased, deleted, mutilated, or changed.

            (4) The log and entries shall be open to inspection by the following officials having jurisdiction over the area in which the dealer does business during regular business hours:

            (a) the county sheriff or deputies;

            (b) any law enforcement agency; and

            (c) any constable or other state, municipal, or county official in the county in which the dealer does business.

            (5) A dealer shall make these records available for inspection by any law enforcement agency, upon request, at the dealer's place of business during the dealer's regular business hours.

            (6) Log entries made under this section shall be maintained for not less than one year from date of entry.

            (7) The dealer may maintain the information required by Subsection (2) for repeat sellers who use the same vehicle to bring regulated metal for each transaction in a relational database that allows the dealer to enter an initial record of the seller's information and then relate subsequent transaction records to that initial information.

            (8) This section does not apply to a single purchase of regulated metal by a dealer if:

            (a) the weight of regulated metal is less than 50 pounds; and

            (b) the price paid to the seller is less than $100.

Amended by Chapter 325, 2009 General Session