Title 78A Chapter 7 Section 204

Judiciary and Judicial Administration
Justice Court
Section 204
Offices of justice court judges.


78A-7-204.   Offices of justice court judges.

            (1) Justice court judges holding office in:

            (a) county precincts are county justice court judges; and

            (b) cities or towns are municipal justice court judges.

            (2) The county legislative body may establish a single precinct or divide the county into multiple precincts to create county justice courts for public convenience.

            (3) (a) The governing body may create as many judicial positions as are required for the efficient administration of a justice court.

            (b) If more than one judge is assigned to a court, all filings within that court shall be assigned to the judges at random unless the governing body has been authorized to create specialized judicial calendars to serve the interests of justice.

Amended by Chapter 205, 2012 General Session