Title 79 Chapter 4 Section 304

Natural Resources
Parks and Recreation
Section 304
Board rulemaking authority.


79-4-304.   Board rulemaking authority.

            (1) (a) The board may make rules:

            (i) governing the use of the state park system;

            (ii) to protect state parks and their natural and cultural resources from misuse or damage, including watersheds, plants, wildlife, and park amenities; and

            (iii) to provide for public safety and preserve the peace within state parks.

            (b) To accomplish the purposes stated in Subsection (1)(a), the board may enact rules that:

            (i) close or partially close state parks; or

            (ii) establish use or access restrictions within state parks.

            (c) Rules made under Subsection (1) may not have the effect of preventing the transfer of livestock along a livestock highway established in accordance with Section 72-3-112.

            (2) The board shall adopt appropriate rules governing the collection of charges under Subsection 79-4-203(8).

Enacted by Chapter 344, 2009 General Session