LRGC Staff

Director: John Q. Cannon
General Counsel: John L. Fellows
Deputy General Counsel: Eric N. Weeks
Managing Policy Analyst: Jerry D. Howe
IT Manager: Douglas B. Farr
Administrative Assistant: Denise Johnson

Committee Staff
Interim Committees 2018
Standing Committees 2018

Research Library

Legal/Research Support
Law Clerk: Anikka Hoidal
Law Clerk: Jacqueline Carlton
Law Clerk: Ryan P. Ricks
Paralegal: Nina R. Norton
Research Assistant: Sarah J. Balland

Bill and Data Management
Bill and Data Mgt. Specialist: Jennifer K. Christopherson
Bill and Data Mgt. Specialist: Leah M. Thacker
Bill and Data Mgt. Specialist: Nancy A. Ellison
Bill and Data Mgt. Specialist: Sara J. Thomas
Bill and Data Mgt. Supervisor: Chris L. Peterson

Office Receptionist
Receptionist: Jackie Stanworth
Receptionist: Judith Nielsen
Receptionist: Sara Vanlent

System Support
IT Staff: Brooke Anderson
IT Staff: Curtis L. Parker
IT Staff: Chad K. Poll
IT Staff: Doug Law
IT Staff: John S. Byers
IT Staff: Jacob K. Pitkin
IT Staff: Glen Johnson
IT Staff: Madhavi Chittineni
IT Staff: Sara Figueroa
IT Staff: Trent Packer