From: John Bennion
To: Michael McKell,
Subject: Support the Low NOx Water Heater Rule
Date: Mon Nov 16 17:07:28 MST 2015
You have an upcoming opportunity to support a commonsense clean air policy -- The Low NOx Water Heater Rule, passed recently by the Air Quality Board. I strongly support this rule because of its critical importance to Utah's air quality. This policy is a win-win for Utah's families and businesses! It is low cost, easy to implement, and an incredibly effective way to positively impact NOx emissions. Here are the facts: 1. NOx is a dangerous pollutant that has serious public health implications: - NOx is a key contributor to both our wintertime small particulate pollution problem (PM 2.5) and to our summer ozone problem, according to the DAQ. - According to the EPA, "NOx exposure concentrations are of particular concern for susceptible individuals, including people with asthma asthmatics, children, and the elderly." 2. Switching to low NOx water heaters will have a significant impact on emissions reductions: - According to the DAQ, the new low NOx water heater rule is projected to reduce area-source emissions of NOx by 35 percent by 2024. That's a huge cut! - Also according to the DAQ, making the switch to low NOx water heaters would reduce statewide emissions by 2,700 tons annually. This is the equivalent of removing the refineries. 3. Low NOx water heaters are only $10 more expensive than other water heater models: - In a survey conducted by the DAQ, out of 100 water heater models surveyed, 36 met the ultra low requirements. The average difference in price for these models was only $10. I urge you to lend your support this important and effective clean air rule. John Bennion 1343 S Colonial Cir Salt Lake City, UT 84108