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Cox, F.   Construction Trades EDUCATION Amendments    In Process  
Anderegg, J.   Student Evaluation and School Grading Act Amendments    In Process  
Mayne, K.   Concurrent College Credit for Public Safety Officers    In Process  
Anderegg, J.   Student Privacy Act    In Process  
Anderegg, J.   Joint Resolution on Parental Rights Regarding the EDUCATION of Their Children    In Process  
Briscoe, J.   Educator Ethics Training    In Process  
Powell, K.   Property Tax Maintenance for EDUCATION Funding    In Process  
Powell, K.   Charter School Property Tax Amendments    In Process  
Powell, K.   School Board Levy Rate Amendments    In Process  
Cox, J.   Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Governance of Public EDUCATION    In Process  
Cox, J.   State EDUCATION Governance Amendments    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Continued Local EDUCATION Funding Equalization Amendments    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Student Assessment Amendments    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Intergenerational Poverty EDUCATION Amendments    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Utah Reading Clinic Expansion    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Joint Rules Resolution on Legislative Policy for EDUCATION Bills    In Process  
Osmond, A.   National Board Certification Scholarships for Teachers    In Process  
Handy, S.   EDUCATION Background Check Amendments    In Process  
Romero, A.   Secondary EDUCATION Building Code Amendments    In Process  
Osmond, A.   Interpreter Services Amendments    In Process  
Jackson, A.   State EDUCATION Governance Revisions    In Process  
Stephenson, H.   Computer Science Initiative for Public Schools    In Process  
Stephenson, H.   Digital Teaching and Learning Provisions    In Process  
Weiler, T.   Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools    In Process