H.B. 169 Student Privacy Act

  • Drafting Attorney: Tracy J. Nuttall
  • Fiscal Analyst: Thomas E. Young

  • Information
    • Last Action: 13 Mar 2014, House/ filed
    • Last Location: House file for bills not passed

Bill Status / Votes
• Senate Actions • House Actions • Fiscal Actions • Other Actions
2/26/2014Bill Numbered but not DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/26/2014Numbered Bill Publicly DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/26/2014LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal inputLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/27/2014House/ received bill from Legislative ResearchClerk of the House
2/27/2014House/ 1st reading (Introduced)House Rules Committee
3/3/2014LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsorHouse Rules Committee
3/3/2014LFA/ fiscal note publicly availableHouse Rules Committee
3/4/2014House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal AnalystHouse Rules Committee
3/4/2014House/ to standing committeeHouse Education Committee
3/6/2014House Comm - Amendment RecommendationHouse Education Committee
3/6/2014House Comm - Returned to RulesHouse Education Committee13 1 2
3/7/2014House/ comm rpt/ sent to Rules/ amendedHouse Rules Committee
3/7/2014House/ 2nd readingHouse Rules Committee
3/13/2014House/ strike enacting clauseClerk of the House
3/13/2014House/ filedHouse file for bills not passed

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