Constitution Article VII Section 5

Executive Department
Section 5
[Executive power vested in Governor -- Duties -- Legal counsel.]


Article VII, Section 5.   [Executive power vested in Governor -- Duties -- Legal counsel.]

            (1) The executive power of the state shall be vested in the Governor who shall see that the laws are faithfully executed.

            (2) The Governor shall transact all executive business with the officers of the government, civil and military, and may require information in writing from the officers of the Executive Department, and from the officers and managers of state institutions upon any subject relating to the condition, management, and expenses of their respective offices and institutions. The Governor may at any time when the Legislature is not in session, if deemed necessary, appoint a committee to investigate and report to the Governor upon the condition of any executive office or state institution.

            (3) The Governor shall communicate by message the condition of the state to the Legislature at every annual general session and recommend such measures as may be deemed expedient.

            (4) The Governor may appoint legal counsel to advise the Governor.

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