Title 4 Chapter 39 Section 301

Utah Agricultural Code
Domesticated Elk Act
Section 301
Genetic purity requirements -- Proof of source.


4-39-301.   Genetic purity requirements -- Proof of source.

            As part of any inspection for licensing or renewing the license of a domesticated elk facility, or for the importation, transportation, or change of ownership of any domesticated elk, the department shall require:

            (1) proof of genetic testing to ensure the purity of the domesticated elk herds and prevent the introduction of red deer or hybrid nonnative species into domesticated elk herds in Utah by showing evidence of the purity of live animals, gametes, eggs, sperm, or other genetic material; and

            (2) proof that the domesticated elk originates from a legal source as provided in Section 4-39-302.

Enacted by Chapter 302, 1997 General Session