Title 4 Chapter 39 Section 303

Utah Agricultural Code
Domesticated Elk Act
Section 303
Importation of domesticated elk.


4-39-303.   Importation of domesticated elk.

            (1) A person may not import domesticated elk into the state for use in domesticated elk facilities without first obtaining:

            (a) an entry permit from the state veterinarian's office; and

            (b) a domesticated elk facility license from the department.

            (2) The entry permit shall include the following information and certificates:

            (a) a health certificate with an indication of the current health status;

            (b) proof of genetic purity as required in Section 4-39-301;

            (c) the name and address of the consignor and consignee;

            (d) proof that the elk are tuberculosis and brucellosis free;

            (e) the origin of shipment;

            (f) the final destination;

            (g) the total number of animals in the shipment; and

            (h) any other information required by the state veterinarian's office or the department.

            (3) No domesticated elk will be allowed into the state that originates east of the 100 degree meridian, to prevent introduction of the meningeal worm.

Enacted by Chapter 302, 1997 General Session