Title 4 Chapter 39 Section 304

Utah Agricultural Code
Domesticated Elk Act
Section 304
Marking domesticated elk.


4-39-304.   Marking domesticated elk.

            (1) Each domesticated elk, not previously tattooed, shall be marked by either a tattoo, as provided in Subsection (2), or by a microchip, as provided in Subsection (3):

            (a) within 30 days of a change of ownership; or

            (b) in the case of newborn calves, within 15 days after being weaned, but in any case, no later than September 15.

            (2) If a domesticated elk is identified with a tattoo, the tattoo shall:

            (a) be placed peri-anally or inside the right ear; and

            (b) consist of a four-digit herd number assigned by the department over a three-digit individual animal number assigned by the owner.

            (3) If a domesticated elk is identified with a microchip, it shall be placed in the right ear.

Amended by Chapter 378, 2010 General Session