Title 7 Chapter 1 Section 808

Financial Institutions Act
General Provisions
Section 808
Closing days for depository institutions.


7-1-808.   Closing days for depository institutions.

            (1) Depository institutions shall be closed to the general public on Sundays.

            (2) (a) The commissioner may designate any additional or different day on which depository institutions are closed to the general public, such as in the event of:

            (i) an emergency;

            (ii) disaster;

            (iii) flood;

            (iv) earthquake;

            (v) fire;

            (vi) power outage;

            (vii) heavy snow;

            (viii) other impediment to:

            (A) business; or

            (B) the safety of customers and employees; or

            (ix) any circumstance in which closing on an additional or different day serves the public interest.

            (b) The commissioner may designate a day under Subsection (2)(a) as applying to all or any portion of the state.

            (3) (a) A depository institution may elect to be open or closed to the general public during business hours of its choosing on any day not designated under this section as a day for closing.

            (b) A depository institution shall provide adequate notice to its customers or members of any change from normal business hours.

Amended by Chapter 260, 2000 General Session