Title 9 Chapter 7 Section 216

Heritage, Arts, Libraries, and Cultural Development
Library Development
Section 216
Process and content standards for policy.


9-7-216.   Process and content standards for policy.

            (1) (a) Each library's policy shall be developed under the direction of the library board, adopted in an open meeting, and have an effective date. The library board shall review the policy at least every three years, and a footnote shall be added to the policy indicating the effective date of the last review.

            (b) Notice of the availability of the policy shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the library for all patrons to observe. The library board may issue any other public notice it considers appropriate to inform the community about the policy.

            (2) The policy shall:

            (a) state:

            (i) that it restricts access to Internet or online sites that contain material described in Section 9-7-215; and

            (ii) how the library board intends to meet the requirements of Section 9-7-215;

            (b) inform patrons that administrative procedures and guidelines for the staff to follow in enforcing the policy have been adopted and are available for review at the library; and

            (c) inform patrons that procedures for use by patrons and staff to handle complaints about the policy, its enforcement, or about observed patron behavior have been adopted and are available for review at the library.

Amended by Chapter 193, 2004 General Session