Title 9 Chapter 8 Section 205

Heritage, Arts, Libraries, and Cultural Development
History Development
Section 205
Board duties and powers.


9-8-205.   Board duties and powers.

            (1) The board shall:

            (a) make policies to direct the division director in carrying out the director's duties;

            (b) approve the division's rules;

            (c) assist the division in development programs consistent with this chapter;

            (d) function as the State Review Board for purposes of the historic preservation program;

            (e) recommend districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects for listing on the State and National Historic Registers to the director;

            (f) review and approve, if appropriate, matching grants under Subsection 9-8-203(3)(c)(ii); and

            (g) function as the board of the society.

            (2) (a) By September 30 of each year, the board shall prepare and submit a request to the governor and the Legislature for prioritized capital facilities grants to be awarded to eligible institutions under this chapter.

            (b) The board shall prepare a list of the requested capital facilities grants in a prioritized order and include a written explanation of:

            (i) the total grant amount requested in the list; and

            (ii) the basis of its prioritization of requested grants on the list.

            (c) The board shall accept applications for capital facilities grants by June 1 of each year, prior to compiling and submitting its yearly request to the governor and Legislature under Subsection (2)(a).

            (3) The board may establish advisory committees to assist it and the division in carrying out their responsibilities under this chapter.

Amended by Chapter 111, 2010 General Session