Title 9 Chapter 9 Section 406

Heritage, Arts, Libraries, and Cultural Development
Utah Division of Indian Affairs Act
Section 406
Savings provision.


9-9-406.   Savings provision.

            Nothing in this part may be construed to:

            (1) limit the authority of a state agency to:

            (a) return or repatriate Native American remains to Indian tribes or individuals; or

            (b) enter into another agreement with the consent of the lineal descendant or culturally affiliated tribe as to the disposition or control over Native American remains;

            (2) delay actions on repatriation requests that are pending on March 17, 1992;

            (3) deny or otherwise affect access to any court, except as provided in Subsection 9-9-403(6);

            (4) limit any procedural or substantive rights that may otherwise be secured to individuals or Indian tribes; or

            (5) limit the application of any state or federal law pertaining to theft or stolen property.

Amended by Chapter 114, 2008 General Session