Title 10 Chapter 8 Section 36

Utah Municipal Code
Powers and Duties of Municipalities
Section 36
Flagmen -- Grade crossings -- Drains along tracks.


10-8-36.   Flagmen -- Grade crossings -- Drains along tracks.

            They may require railroad companies to keep flagmen at railroad crossings of streets, or otherwise provide protection against injury to persons or property; may compel railroad and street railroad companies to raise or lower their tracks to conform to any grade which at any time may be established by the city, so that such tracks may be crossed at any place on any street, alley or highway; may compel railway companies to make and keep open, and keep in repair, ditches, drains, sewers and culverts along and under their tracks, so that the natural or artificial drainage of adjacent property may not be impaired.

Amended by Chapter 378, 2010 General Session