Title 10 Chapter 8 Section 65 (Superseded 01/01/15)

Utah Municipal Code
Powers and Duties of Municipalities
Section 65 (Superseded 01/01/15)
Regulation of dogs -- Service animals permitted.


10-8-65 (Superseded 01/01/15).   Regulation of dogs -- Service animals permitted.

            (1) A municipality may:

            (a) license, tax, regulate, or prohibit the keeping of dogs; and

            (b) authorize the destruction, sale, or other disposal of a dog if the dog is at large contrary to ordinance.

            (2) (a) As used in this Subsection (2):

            (i) "Retired service animal" means a dog that:

            (A) at one time was a service animal for the current owner; and

            (B) no longer provides service animal services for the owner because of the dog's age or other factors limiting the dog's service capability.

            (ii) "Service animal" means a police service canine, as defined in Section 53-16-102.

            (b) If a municipality adopts a limit as to the number of dogs a person may keep, the municipality shall allow a person to keep a service animal, a retired service animal, or both in addition to that limit.

Amended by Chapter 28, 2014 General Session