Title 11 Chapter 36a Section 305

Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units
Impact Fees Act
Section 305
Calculating impact fees.


11-36a-305.   Calculating impact fees.

            (1) In calculating an impact fee, a local political subdivision or private entity may include:

            (a) the construction contract price;

            (b) the cost of acquiring land, improvements, materials, and fixtures;

            (c) the cost for planning, surveying, and engineering fees for services provided for and directly related to the construction of the system improvements; and

            (d) for a political subdivision, debt service charges, if the political subdivision might use impact fees as a revenue stream to pay the principal and interest on bonds, notes, or other obligations issued to finance the costs of the system improvements.

            (2) In calculating an impact fee, each local political subdivision or private entity shall base amounts calculated under Subsection (1) on realistic estimates, and the assumptions underlying those estimates shall be disclosed in the impact fee analysis.

Enacted by Chapter 47, 2011 General Session