Title 15 Chapter 10 Section 102

Contracts and Obligations in General
Service Contracts Act
Section 102


15-10-102.   Definitions.

            As used in this chapter:

            (1) "Automatic renewal provision" means a provision under which a service contract is renewed for one or more specified periods if:

            (a) the renewal causes the service contract to be in effect more than six months after the day of the initiation of the service contract; and

            (b) the renewal is effective unless the consumer gives notice to the seller of the consumer's intention to terminate the service contract.

            (2) "Business consumer" means a person engaged in business if the person enters into a service contract as part of the person's business activities.

            (3) (a) "Consumer" means a person receiving service, maintenance, or repair under a service contract.

            (b) "Consumer" includes a representative of an association subject to:

            (i) Title 57, Chapter 8, Condominium Ownership Act; or

            (ii) Title 57, Chapter 8a, Community Association Act.

            (4) "Seller" means a person providing service, maintenance, or repair under a service contract.

            (5) (a) "Service contract" means a contract for service, maintenance, or repair:

            (i) in connection with real property; or

            (ii) that provides a benefit to the real property.

            (b) "Service contract" does not include a contract affecting any right, title, estate, or interest in real property, including:

            (i) a fee title interest;

            (ii) a leasehold interest;

            (iii) an option contract relating to real property;

            (iv) a real estate purchase contract;

            (v) an easement; or

            (vi) any other real property interest governed by Title 57, Real Estate.

Amended by Chapter 262, 2011 General Session