Title 20A Chapter 7 Section 205

Election Code
Issues Submitted to the Voters
Section 205
Obtaining signatures -- Verification -- Removal of signature.


20A-7-205.   Obtaining signatures -- Verification -- Removal of signature.

            (1) A Utah voter may sign an initiative petition if the voter is a legal voter.

            (2) (a) The sponsors shall ensure that the person in whose presence each signature sheet was signed:

            (i) is at least 18 years old and meets the residency requirements of Section 20A-2-105; and

            (ii) verifies each signature sheet by completing the verification printed on the last page of each initiative packet.

            (b) A person may not sign the verification printed on the last page of the initiative packet if the person signed a signature sheet in the initiative packet.

            (3) (a) A voter who has signed an initiative petition may have the voter's signature removed from the petition by submitting to the county clerk a statement requesting that the voter's signature be removed.

            (b) The statement shall include:

            (i) the name of the voter;

            (ii) the resident address at which the voter is registered to vote;

            (iii) the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number;

            (iv) the driver license or identification card number; and

            (v) the signature of the voter.

            (c) A voter may not submit a statement by email or other electronic means.

            (d) In order for the signature to be removed, the statement must be received by the county clerk before May 15.

            (e) The county clerk shall deliver all statements received under this Subsection (3):

            (i) with the initiative petition packets delivered to the lieutenant governor; or

            (ii) in a supplemental delivery to the lieutenant governor for a statement submitted after the county clerk delivered the initiative packets.

            (f) A person may only remove a signature from an initiative petition in accordance with this Subsection (3).

Amended by Chapter 17, 2011 General Session