Title 23 Chapter 20 Section 30

Wildlife Resources Code of Utah
Enforcement - Violations and Penalties
Section 30
Tagging requirements.


23-20-30.   Tagging requirements.

            (1) The Wildlife Board may make rules that require the carcass of certain species of protected wildlife to be tagged.

            (2) The carcass of any species of protected wildlife required to be tagged shall be tagged before the carcass is moved from or the hunter leaves the site of kill.

            (3) To tag a carcass, a person shall:

            (a) completely detach the tag from the license or permit;

            (b) completely remove the appropriate notches to correspond with:

            (i) the date the animal was taken; and

            (ii) the sex of the animal; and

            (c) attach the tag to the carcass so that the tag remains securely fastened and visible.

            (4) A person may not:

            (a) remove more than one notch indicating date or sex; or

            (b) tag more than one carcass using the same tag.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session