Title 26 Chapter 4 Section 7

Utah Health Code
Utah Medical Examiner Act
Section 7
Custody by medical examiner.


26-4-7.   Custody by medical examiner.

            Upon notification under Section 26-4-8 or investigation by the medical examiner's office, the medical examiner shall assume custody of a deceased body if it appears that death was:

            (1) by violence, gunshot, suicide, or accident;

            (2) sudden death while in apparent good health;

            (3) unattended deaths, except that an autopsy may only be performed in accordance with the provisions of Subsection 26-4-9(3);

            (4) under suspicious or unusual circumstances;

            (5) resulting from poisoning or overdose of drugs;

            (6) resulting from diseases that may constitute a threat to the public health;

            (7) resulting from disease, injury, toxic effect, or unusual exertion incurred within the scope of the decedent's employment;

            (8) due to sudden infant death syndrome;

            (9) resulting while the decedent was in prison, jail, police custody, the state hospital, or in a detention or medical facility operated for the treatment of persons with a mental illness, persons who are emotionally disturbed, or delinquent persons;

            (10) associated with diagnostic or therapeutic procedures; or

            (11) described in this section when request is made to assume custody by a county or district attorney or law enforcement agency in connection with a potential homicide investigation or prosecution.

Amended by Chapter 183, 2012 General Session