Title 26 Chapter 6 Section 18

Utah Health Code
Utah Communicable Disease Control Act
Section 18
Venereal disease -- Consent of minor to treatment.


26-6-18.   Venereal disease -- Consent of minor to treatment.

            (1) A consent to medical care or services by a hospital or public clinic or the performance of medical care or services by a licensed physician executed by a minor who is or professes to be afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease, shall have the same legal effect upon the minor and the same legal obligations with regard to the giving of consent as a consent given by a person of full legal age and capacity, the infancy of the minor and any contrary provision of law notwithstanding.

            (2) The consent of the minor is not subject to later disaffirmance by reason of minority at the time it was given and the consent of no other person or persons shall be necessary to authorize hospital or clinical care or services to be provided to the minor by a licensed physician.

            (3) The provisions of this section shall apply also to minors who profess to be in need of hospital or clinical care and services or medical care or services provided by a physician for suspected sexually transmitted disease, regardless of whether such professed suspicions are subsequently substantiated on a medical basis.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session