Title 26 Chapter 8a Section 252

Utah Health Code
Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act
Section 252
Department duties.


26-8a-252.   Department duties.

            In connection with the statewide trauma system established in Section 26-8a-250, the department shall:

            (1) establish a statewide trauma system plan that:

            (a) identifies statewide trauma care needs, objectives, and priorities;

            (b) identifies the equipment, facilities, personnel training, and other things necessary to create and maintain a statewide trauma system; and

            (c) organizes and coordinates trauma care within defined geographic areas;

            (2) support the statewide trauma system by:

            (a) facilitating the coordination of prehospital, acute care, and rehabilitation services and providers through state regulation and oversight;

            (b) facilitating the ongoing evaluation and refinement of the statewide trauma system;

            (c) providing educational programs;

            (d) encouraging cooperation between community organizations, health care facilities, public health officials, emergency medical service providers, and rehabilitation facilities for the development of a statewide trauma system;

            (e) implementing a quality assurance program using information from the statewide trauma registry established pursuant to Section 26-8a-253;

            (f) establishing trauma center designation requirements in accordance with Section 26-8a-254; and

            (g) developing standards so that:

            (i) trauma centers are categorized according to their capability to provide care;

            (ii) trauma victims are triaged at the initial point of patient contact; and

            (iii) trauma patients are sent to appropriate health care facilities.

Enacted by Chapter 305, 2000 General Session