Title 26 Chapter 8a Section 309

Utah Health Code
Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act
Section 309
Out-of-state vehicles.


26-8a-309.   Out-of-state vehicles.

            (1) An ambulance or emergency response vehicle from another state may not pick up a patient in Utah to transport that patient to another location in Utah or to another state without a permit issued under Section 26-8a-304 and, in the case of an ambulance, a license issued under Part 4, Ambulance and Paramedic Providers.

            (2) Notwithstanding Subsection (1), an ambulance or emergency response vehicle from another state may, without a permit or license:

            (a) transport a patient into Utah; and

            (b) provide assistance in time of disaster.

            (3) The department may enter into agreements with ambulance and paramedic providers and their respective licensing agencies from other states to assure the expeditious delivery of emergency medical services beyond what may be reasonably provided by licensed ambulance and paramedic providers, including the transportation of patients between states.

Enacted by Chapter 141, 1999 General Session