Title 26 Chapter 8a Section 401

Utah Health Code
Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act
Section 401
State regulation of emergency medical services market.


26-8a-401.   State regulation of emergency medical services market.

            (1) To ensure emergency medical service quality and minimize unnecessary duplication, the department shall regulate the emergency medical service market after October 1, 1999, by creating and operating a statewide system that:

            (a) consists of exclusive geographic service areas as provided in Section 26-8a-402; and

            (b) establishes maximum rates as provided in Section 26-8a-403.

            (2) (a) All licenses issued prior to July 1, 1996, shall expire as stated in the license.

            (b) If no expiration date is stated on a license issued before July 1, 1996, the license shall expire on October 1, 1999, unless:

            (i) the license holder requests agency action before August 1, 1999; and

            (ii) before October 1, 1999, the department:

            (A) finds the license has been used as the basis for responding to requests for ambulance or paramedic services during the past five years;

            (B) identifies one or more specific geographic areas covered by the license in which the license holder has actively and adequately responded as the primary provider to requests for ambulance or paramedic services during the past five years; and

            (C) determines that the continuation of a license in a specific geographic area identified in Subsection (2)(b)(ii)(B) satisfies:

            (I) the standards established pursuant to Subsection 26-8a-404(2); and

            (II) the requirement of public convenience and necessity.

            (c) If the department finds that a license meets the requirements of Subsection (2)(b), the department shall amend the license to reflect:

            (i) the specific geographic area of the license; and

            (ii) a four-year term extension.

            (d) Before July 1, 1999, the department shall publish notice once a week for four consecutive weeks of the expiration of licenses pursuant to Subsection (2)(b) in a newspaper of general circulation in the state.

            (e) Nothing in this Subsection (2) may be construed as restricting the authority of the department to amend overlapping licenses pursuant to Section 26-8a-416.

            (3) After October 1, 1999, new licenses and license renewals shall be for a four-year term.

Enacted by Chapter 141, 1999 General Session