Title 26 Chapter 10 Section 5.5

Utah Health Code
Family Health Services
Section 5.5
Child literacy -- Distribution of information kits.


26-10-5.5.   Child literacy -- Distribution of information kits.

            (1) The Legislature recognizes that effective child literacy programs can have a dramatic long-term impact on each child's ability to:

            (a) succeed in school;

            (b) successfully compete in a global society; and

            (c) become a productive, responsible citizen.

            (2) (a) To help further this end, the department may make available to parents of new-born infants, as a resource, an information kit regarding child development, the development of emerging literacy skills, and activities which promote and enhance emerging literacy skills, including reading aloud to the child on a regular basis.

            (b) The department shall seek private funding to help support this program.

            (3) (a) The department may seek assistance from the State Office of Education and local hospitals in making the information kit available to parents on a voluntary basis.

            (b) The department may also seek assistance from private entities in making the kits available to parents.

Enacted by Chapter 27, 1999 General Session