Title 26 Chapter 21 Section 27

Utah Health Code
Health Care Facility Licensing and Inspection Act
Section 27
Consumer access to health care facility charges.


26-21-27.   Consumer access to health care facility charges.

            Beginning January 1, 2011, a health care facility licensed under this chapter shall, when requested by a consumer:

            (1) make a list of prices charged by the facility available for the consumer that includes the facility's:

            (a) in-patient procedures;

            (b) out-patient procedures;

            (c) the 50 most commonly prescribed drugs in the facility;

            (d) imaging services; and

            (e) implants; and

            (2) provide the consumer with information regarding any discounts the facility provides for:

            (a) charges for services not covered by insurance; or

            (b) prompt payment of billed charges.

Enacted by Chapter 68, 2010 General Session